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Ms. Shriya Maini and Ms. Shobha Prabhakar

Issue 18

Fair trade: The war that never ends!

Mr Aditya Raghu Rayee

Issue 17

An unprecedented crisis: Our journalism adrift

Mr Pranjal Poddar

Issue 16

Autonomous ships and the positive changes in the shipping industry

Ms Eirini Sakellari

Issue 15

Expanding IP Beyond Traditonal Senses

Adv. Namrata Pahwa

Issue 14

Dispute Resolution during and after COVID-19

Mr Jeevan Ballav Panda

Issue 13

An Effective Way to Reduce Normalisation of Rape: Death Penalty or Education?

Arijit Sanyal

Issue 18 | October 18, 2020

Atmanirbhar Bharat: Learning from the glitches of Make in India

Arijit Sanyal

Issue 17 | October 11, 2020

Your Favourite News Channel- A Watchdog Or A Lapdog

Aishwary Jaiswal

Issue 16 | Ocotber 04, 2020

Equality Beyond Land Borders: Todays Women, Tomorrows Seafarers

Arijit Sanyal

Issue 15 | September 27, 2020

EcoSan Revolution in India: Overcoming Social & Legal Challenges

Arijit Sanyal

Issue 14 | September 20, 2020

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