The LexGaze Weekly - STALWARTS

Hon'ble Justice D.Y Chandrachud

Yamika Khanna

Issue 5 | July 18, 2020

Hon'ble Justice D.Y Chandrachud

Hon'ble Justice D.Y Chandrachud is the epitome of the voice of youth and the masses. He strives for constant development with changing times and leads the bench with an extremely liberal approach aimed at introducing new technology. His constant efforts to improve the efficiency of virtual courts to meet the need of the hour has made justice accessible to the masses. It has also helped in delivery of justice by the virtual courts.

Justice Chandrachud, under whose esteemed chairmanship the e-committee of Supreme Court of India has graciously transitioned from physical court hearings to virtual ones believes that, "The beauty of technology is that it is complex for the person who designs it, but is user friendly." While Hon'ble Justice Chandrachud recognises the importance of integrating technologically advanced ways to improve the functioning of the courts in the country, he also holds high regard for the traditional way of courtroom hearing. Justice Chandrachud says, “I want to dissuade people from the idea that virtual court hearings are some sort of a panacea. They will not be able to replace physical court hearings. We had to resort to virtual court hearings because Covid-19 descended without warning and we had no other choice. We had to protect those who come to court – lawyers, litigants, media personnel, para-legal, interns."

Justice Chandrachud aims to bring the digitization of courts including e-filing and standardized operating procedure for virtual courts across the country. He is a firm proponent of access to justice and views the traditional procedures of filing as “Procedures that are tardy and unintelligible to common people." Furthermore, Justice Chandrachud's vision is to make practical legal education and exposure easily accessible. He is also of the view that round filing and registry is the first step towards the long road of change. He acknowledges the role of judges in making the endeavour of virtual court proceedings successful by asserting that “We as judges have a vital role to ensure that young members of the Bar are trained and we have to do the hand-holding ourselves."

Hon'ble Justice Chandrachud is not only an exemplary personality but also the driving force behind striking a balance between the traditional courtroom proceedings and the virtual hearings of the court. He has acknowledged the shortcomings and strengths of both the systems along with taking the initiative of educating and training the legal fraternity to make them familiar with the recent trends and developments.