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Dr Pavan Duggal: Renowned Cyber Law Expert redefining India’s cyberspace

Yamika Khanna

Issue 4  | July 11, 2020

Dr Pavan Duggal is a well-known luminary in the sphere of cyber laws. He has tremendously contributed to shaping the emerging field of cyber law and cyberspace security in India. A renowned advocate majorly practising in the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, his area of expertise is cyber law and data protection.

Dr Duggal believes that "The twentieth century saw the greatest game-changer since the discovery of fire – the advent of the Internet. No other event has impacted the way people think, believe or do commerce, on this scale. Its wide adoption prompted an examination of the legal policy and regulatory nuances pertaining to the Internet." This future-oriented approach adopted by him has led him to examine the grey areas in cyber laws and understand the importance of such laws, especially, in the world of the Internet.

Furthermore, Dr. Duggal has been constantly striving for lucid and problem-oriented cyber legislations. He is a firm believer that the lack of international legislation makes the role of national legislations more prominent and critical with regard to both national and individual security.

Dr Duggal has been an avid proponent of data security. His ideas and theories compel the lawmakers to think, "How do we regulate mobile app providers, social media players and intermediaries in terms of handling and processing the users' data? We don't have a data protection law in place. We neither have a national law on cyber security nor a national law on privacy."

He is of the opinion that "India has not revisited its stand on intermediaries' liabilities since 2008. Also, the service providers have been given a great fillip by a judgment of the Supreme court, where the service providers are directed not to take any action till such time they get a court or a government agency order,"

A visionary in the legal field, he has made a prominent mark in the evolution of cyber laws in India with special emphasis on cyber security and data protection. His contributions have immensely helped in creating a safe cyberspace. Also, his striving attitude of battling for stringent laws and legal mechanisms with regard to the cyber sphere will prove to be the foundation of the future virtual space.

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