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Dr K. Kasturirangan: The man behind India’s biggest educational reform

Yamika Khanna

Issue 8 | August 8, 2020

The New Education Policy has been popularly hailed by groups cutting across regions and ideology. The Policy is primarily inspired and based on the report of a committee constituted under the esteemed chairmanship of D r K. Kasturirangan.

Dr K. Kasturirangan believes that "The education system needs change, not fine-tuning." While addressing the issues faced by the prevailing model of education he asserted that " The education is tuned for a linear growth, whereas this [development] is not linear. This is an important aspect which has been overlooked."

Strengthening the case for overall development and brain stimulation, the committee suggested an alternative approach that is believed to facilitate holistic development. Dr K. Kasturirangan asserted that " By six years, 85% of the brain has already matured. This is a very critical period of learning time. In this period according to how you stimulate appropriate regions of the brain, you will see child [develops different aptitudes. These are all because of differential stimulation the brain receives with respect to the ability to learn from the outside world. This is quite a realistic way in which the brain evolves. The child cannot be blamed for this." By relying on the same rationale the committee proposed that teaching in early stages should be through the medium of regional languages as children are more familiar with that language.

He further emphasized on the need for the adoption of the draft which has been successfully done by the government in the very recent past by claiming that "If you look at the whole system it has to undergo a change, so fine tuning the existing system to achieve the level of aspiration projected here doesn’t look to be feasible, prima facie."

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