The Peer Review Process

Our peer review process can be broadly summarized into SIX steps.

Step 1: Author(s) Submit(s) Manuscript (including all kinds of submissions)
Step 2: Manuscript Received.
  • A mail acknowledging the receipt of the manuscript to be sent to the Author.
  • The Manuscript is assigned a Manuscript Number and communicated to the Author. After the assignment of the Manuscript ID, the Author is not permitted to withdraw the same subject to the Withdrawal Policy. 
  • The Manuscript is sent to an Associate Editor for preliminary review.
Step 3: Manuscript Assessed by the Associate Editor
Step 4: Manuscript forwarded to the Editor in the concerned field of law/ Editor, Blog.
Step 5: Further Steps for Publication
  • Blog: To be published 
  • Other forms of manuscripts: To be referred to the Senior Editor cum Reviewer; If Reviewer Approves, Manuscript to Be Referred To The Editor In Chief For Final Decision
Step 6: The decision to be communicated to the Author