The LexGaze Weekly

The LexGaze Weekly 

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LexGaze brings its very own newsletter "THE LEXGAZE WEEKLY". Unlike any of its contemporaries, the LexGaze Weekly will be "your newsletter". Not serious and repetitive, not monotonous and not unnecessarily verbose, the LexGaze Weekly will be a standard capsule of a variety of content, chosen by you and for you!
The LexGaze Weekly, as tacit in the name, will be a newsletter to be released by LexGaze every Saturday. The idea of the newsletter was that of one of our Editors, and work has been underway for the same since LexGaze started its operations. After weeks of hard work, we are finally here!
Following are the components of the marvellous melange called the LexGaze Weekly:

1. Cover Story on the theme: One famous lawyer shall write a short piece on the theme chosen for the week.
2. Decipher: One controversial issue related to the weekly theme to be simplified for your reading.
3. Stalwarts: A short bio of one famous lawyer or jurist or such other person who would've worked in the field of law being covered in  the weekly theme to be published for us to know our leaders.
4. People's Choice: The People's Choice Section will be carry opinions backed by law in favour of and against a certain topic. That topic will be chosen by You, the reader. We shall be releasing a poll every week on our various platforms and the topic you choose will be deliberated upon in this piece. This piece will be the most well-researched extensive piece so that a balance can be made between both sides of the issues.
5. The Week in History: This section will carry important legal events that took place in one particular week.
6. Legal Updates: All major important legal developments that happened in the week gone by will be compiled together at one place. The section will have case laws, notifications, and any important legislations. Depending upon the success of the newsletter, we will begin to include international events in this section as well.
7. Hope: Tired of bad, disheartening news? This section will carry good news, some stories of change that have been effected by people in the legal profession.

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