Collocutio by LexGaze

"Collocutio", literally meaning a conversation, is a Webinar Series launched by LexGaze. When we released our first Call for Papers, several law students wrote to us that they would love to contribute to our Journal; however, they are not conversant with the process of research and writing. We took immediate note of this concern and decided to take initiatives to teach people how to research and put their research in writing. We realised that as a research-oriented venture, we would be remiss in our job if we didn't help the ones willing to learn and master the art of research and writing.

Collocutio will be dedicated to webinars on research and allied subjects.

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1. Legal Research & Writing: All you need to know by Mr. Abhayraj Naik [17th June, 2020]

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2. An Expert's guide to writing a Research Paper by Ms. Shriya Maini [26th June, 2020]

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