Board of Management

The LexGaze Board of Management comprises of the following:
    1. Editor in Chief
    2. Managing Editor (s)
    3. Founders
    4. Editor, Blog
At the moment, the Founders of LexGaze are functioning as the Managing Editors. Accordingly, the following is the current composition of the Board of Management:

Dr. Priyanka Patwardhan

Mr. Rishabh Shukla
Co-Founder and Managing Editor

Mr. Prakhar Srivastava
Co-Founder and Managing Editor

Ms. Sonal Sodhani
Editor, Blog

All the decisions with regard to the appointment of the members of the Editorial Board and that of the Advisory Board will be taken by the Managing Editors in consultation with the Editor, Blog. Should a dispute arise pursuant to a management decision and/or appointment of any of the two boards, the decision of the Editor in Chief shall prevail.