Article Withdrawal Policy

LexGaze is committed to maintaining the highest standards of publication ethics and simultaneously provide high-quality publications. It is expected that the Authors comply with best practices in publication ethics in the quality of their manuscripts.
At LexGaze, we also understand that manuscript withdrawal is a common procedure for a variety of reasons. While many of these reasons are genuine, we are also aware that authors, many a time, send unethical withdrawal requests, often even because their manuscript is accepted in another journal. We at LexGaze cannot promote such unethical behavior.
We have accordingly chalked out the following withdrawal policy for withdrawing one’s manuscript at any stage of publication but with or without penal consequences:

Withdrawal before acceptance of the manuscript

  1. An author may request withdrawal of her manuscript after submission (before acceptance), by providing a compelling reason. 
  2. Request received before the assignment of the Manuscript ID/ Blog ID will be considered immediately without asking any reason because that is the time it normally takes for the Peer Review to be initiated. 
  3. However, after the review process gets initiated, i.e, AFTER THE ASSIGNMENT OF MANUSCRIPT ID/BLOG ID, the author may seek a withdrawal by providing a compelling ethical reason. If any unethical reason for manuscript withdrawal gets detected, the corresponding action may be taken by the Editor-in-Chief. 
  4. The author should consider all ethical aspects before submission (such as co-author(s)’ approval, simultaneous submission, plagiarism, etc.). 

Withdrawal after acceptance of the manuscript
Withdrawal of the accepted manuscript is strictly not allowed (whether published or not). At LexGaze, authors are not allowed to withdraw the article after acceptance to submit in another journal and waste precious editorial and reviewer resources.