The LexGaze Law Review is a double-blind-peer reviewed, open-access refereed legal journal. The LLR is dedicated to advancing the study of a wide catena of legal issues of national, international, and global nature. The aim is to support success in research and scholarly experience. The journal offers a critical analysis of current issues, debates, and global trends that carry real-life implications. 

The driving impetus behind the journal is the recognition that many academic institutions, NGOs, policy-makers, and individuals are unable to afford the cost of high-quality, refereed journals. The LLR is available freely online. Anyone can easily access the intellectually rigorous, interdisciplinary research on legal issues and topics offered by the LLR. We aim to build a large research community of authors, readers, editors, and reviewers who shall be bound together by their talent and integrity.

The LLR editorial board is diverse and brings a wealth of experience to the study and practice of law. 

Meet our Editorial Board