Volume I, Issue I

August 2020

Page ii



Dr Priyanka Patwardhan*


Dear Readers,

The inaugural volume of LexGaze Law Review is at its essence an attempt towards furthering quality research in the field of legal education. It is a synergistic blend of long and short articles that present a plethora of contemporary legal issues ranging from the rights of multiple strata of the society on one end of the spectrum to revisiting specific components of the Constitution of India on the other.

LexGaze owes its existence to the unique challenges to the continuity of the learning process presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Constraints related to proximity, distance, and forced isolation disturbed the formal process of education in unimaginable ways that posed a host of unforeseen and unexpected problems. The field of education, which has hereto boasted of an eternal sunrise, faced the dangers of reduced or fettered access to the continuity of the learning process for the first time ever. The potential impact of the pandemic on the process of learning, student fraternity and academia in general, however proved to be an inspiration to two law students which ultimately led to the birth of ‘LexGaze’.

* Dr Priyanka Patwardhan, Editor-in-Chief, LexGaze Law Review.