Volume I, Issue I

August 2020

Page 41

Long Article

An analysis of offenses related to pirated movies

Anwesha Pathak*


Piracy has become a new trend in this modern digitalized world. Piracy refers to reproduction or importing of the entire or any part of copyrighted work and selling the same at a substantially lower price, in the black market, in turn, causing huge amount of losses to the film industry all over the world. This kind of illegal activity infringes many laws in India i.e. Copyright Act, 1957, IT Act, 2000. This paper will analyze the existing laws in India and the US for combating camcorder piracy. In this backdrop the current paper mainly focuses on three issues, part one deals with the offenses relating to cam-cording piracy and its legal consequences. The second part deals with the change in the nature of crime and its legal consequences when the recorded movies are uploaded on the websites. Finally, it will deal with jurisdictional issues, when the upload of the pirated movie and its download are from different jurisdictions.

* Assistant Professor, New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), Pune, Maharashtra, India.