Volume I, Issue I

August 2020

Page 01

Long Article

Americanizing India: A roadmap to establishing successful Indo-USA International Relations until 2019

Shriya Maini* and Vishesh Wadhwa**


In this modern era of co-dependence, ushered in by the processes of liberalisation and globalisation, it is inherently impossible for any country to stay quarantined from the globe. As leading premier engines of growth today, India and the United States of America face similar global challenges, including generating employment, protecting their borders and boosting their industries (besides of course, tackling the health concerns raised by the latest Frankenstein’s Monster called “COVID – 19”). India must capitalise on bilateral platforms for defence, aviation, trade and technology sharing with greater intent, India’s policy of ‘Make in India’ initiative strengthening the scope for co-production and co- development with American private agencies. Priority military hardware and technologies, and areas for joint production need to be identified and pending sales such as that of Guardian RPVs and proposals such as Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles project sought to be expedited. India must build defence deterrence cum manufacturing base in the long run, warding off any plausible threats and interventions from the China, Pakistan or Nepal borders. Both the countries that have long recognised the importance of an understanding between them must, therefore, maintain the comity that naturally arose, paving the way forward for a simultaneous boost to the interests of the two while maintaining each other’s uninhibited individuality.

* Ms. Shriya Maini is an Advocate-on-Record currently practicing at the Supreme Court of India. A post-graduate from the University of Oxford, Ms. Maini worked in the Cabinet of President Judge Theodor Meron, Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals at The Hague, Netherlands. A recipient of the Oxford Global Justice Award for Excellence in Public International Law 2015-16 and Dr. Mrs. Ambruti Salve Award 2014-15, Ms. Maini currently also serves as a Visiting faculty at National Law University, Delhi and Lloyd Law College, Noida. {Email: shriya.maini90@gmail.com}

** Mr. Vishesh Wadhwa is an independent Legal Practitioner at the Delhi High Court at New Delhi. He specializes in Criminal and Constitutional Laws, along with dealing with matters of rights of children and LGBTQI+ community. An Amity Law School graduate, he practiced with Advocate Mr. Amit Sharma and Senior Advocate Mr, Sudhir Nandrajog at the Delhi High Court before going independent in 2014. In 2013, he also founded an organization namely “Our Voice”, an initiative that organized consultations amongst social groups, education activists et al with lawyers and law makers.

Note: The authors have been assisted by very diligent law students namely Mr. Rohan Bhambri, Ms. Sarabjit Kaur, Ms. Ritika Manchanda, Ms. Pooja Madaan, Ms. Feba Bovas, Ms. Ritam Khanna, Ms. Kriti Mehrotra, Mr. Akshat Maheshwari and Mr Priyam Goyal. The authors genuinely thank them all for their sustained wonderful research inputs and proofreading exercises.