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Simplifying The Standard Operating Procedure Issued By The Hon’ble Supreme Court On July 04, 2020

Prakhar Srivastava

Issue 5 | July 18, 2020

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India (“the Hon’ble Court”), vide its circular dated July 04, 2020 laid down the Standard Operating Procedure (“SOP”) vis-à-vis e-filing, listing, mentioning, etc through video conferencing/tele-conferencing mode. The SOP supersedes three previous circulars dated March 23, April 15 and May 16, 2020. Here’s the new SOP in brief:

1. Listing of Matters: Fresh matters that could not be taken before by the Hon’ble Court were to be taken b/w July 06 and July 10, 2020. From July 13, miscellaneous cases are to be listed on Mondays and Fridays. Miscellaneous matters that are part-heard or pending final hearing as well as Regular matters may also be taken up on non-miscellaneous days, i.e. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with preference to part-heard matters.

Day of the publication of       Day for which cause list will be published cause list  

By Thursday                            Monday

By Friday                                 Tuesday

By Saturday                             Wednesday

By Monday                              Thursday

By Tuesday                              Friday

2. Schedule of Publication of cause lists: The cause lists of the Hon’ble Court will be published in the following manner:

The timings of the various benches will be notified with the cause lists.

3. An Advocate-on-Record (“AoR”) or party-in-person must specify whether they would link to the Hon’ble Bench using their own computers or using the facility available in the premises of the Hon’ble Court. The link to join the video conferencing shall be made available to the AoR at the time of AoR Code Generation whereas to the party-in-person via email/message on mobile.

4. For the appearance of a Senior Advocate, the AoR must indicate the contact details of such Senior Advocate via email to

5. Should the litigant want, they can view the proceedings of the matter as well by requesting for a separate viewing link not later than 2 PM on the aforesaid email ID.

6. In all matters involving urgency, an AoR must, after e-filing the petition/application, send separately the signed and verified mentioning-application containing a synopsis of urgency not exceeding one page to The AoR must include in the mentioning application- details as given in point 4 and 5 if the same is needed.

The application to be used for hearings before the Hon’ble Court is “VIDYO”. The SOP provides in detail- how to download and use the app for hearings before the Hon’ble Court.

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