Blog Submission Guidelines

LexGaze has very strict guidelines for publication of blogs. Any departure from the submission guidelines will lead to rejection at the stage of Assessment by Editor. Kindly read the guidelines very properly before sending the blog.


1. Co-authorship, format, and style:

  • Authors should submit final versions of their blog in MS Word format.

  • Total no. of co-authors permitted: 2

  • Word Limit: Minimum 800 words excluding References. 

  • Heading levels should be clearly indicated.

  • Please do not include a table of contents. 

  • Font Style: Garamond

  • Font Size: 13

  • Line Spacing: 1.5

  • Margins: 2.54 cm on each side

2. The title of the blog should be mentioned on the top. The body of the blog should begin from right under the title. The title should be free from rhetoric. It should be formal and precise.
3. NO detail about the author should be mentioned anywhere in the blog. All details have to be mentioned in the body of the email as mentioned in Procedural Guideline (a).
4. There should be no footnotes or hyperlinks. Only end-notes are permitted.
5. LG Blog accepts material written in ENGLISH language ONLY.
6. Any material previously published at any other place will be rejected and such an Author who has sent previously published material will be barred from publishing any material on LexGaze Blogs sine die.
7. The maximum plagiarism permitted is 15%.


1. All manuscripts must be sent to only, with the following details in the email body:

  • Name of the Author(s) with their designations as the Author would want to reflect in the blog. 

  • Contact details of each of the Authors, including their phone numbers and email address. 

  • Pictures of each of the Author to be sent as an attachment (Optional).  

2. Once the blog is sent to the aforesaid email address, an email acknowledging the receipt of the blog will be sent to the Author(s). Thereafter, the Additional Managing Editor shall assign a Blog ID and communicate it within 3 days from the mail acknowledging the receipt. Any communication after the assignment of the Blog ID should be done bearing only the Blog ID and not the names or other details of the Author.
3. LexGaze will endeavor to complete the entire process of review within FOURTEEN days from the date of submission of the manuscript.
4. In case the review process is not completed within FOURTEEN DAYS, the Author will be communicated the reasons for the delay on the FIFTEENTH day. Thereafter, the final decision will be taken within TWO days from such communication made by LexGaze. If there is no communication from LexGaze within SEVENTEEN days in total from the date of submission of the blog, the Author is free to send the same for publication elsewhere. No Author will be allowed to send their blog to any website within the said period of SEVENTEEN DAYS.
5. Once a blog is accepted for publication, the Authors will be expected to fill and submit the Copyright form to be sent to them via email within THREE days of such an email. All copyrights of the blog will then be transferred to LexGaze completely.
6. All decisions with regard to the publication of the manuscript vests solely in the Editorial Board of LexGaze. The decision of the Editor-in-Chief will be final, binding, and not be subject to any reversal.


*The guidelines are subject to change on the discretion of LexGaze without any prior notice to the authors or any other person concerned.